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About Deta-Elis

Company Deta-Elis - a subsidiary of Research and Production Enterprise "Elis" , which is more than 20 years has been the research and development of medical devices new generation .

Our developments - is electromagnetic devices bio-resonance therapy, which helps people get rid of their problems!

Our company produces equipment for both the doctors and for people with no medical training , which allows us today to say that we are the leaders in the market of medical equipment.

Our equipment has all permits, passed certification recognized by the Ministry of Health and Medical is already in 6 countries!

And remember! There is no disease that can not be cured!

Why Deta Devices better then pill?

Probably every person when he reads the instructions for use of tablets draws attention to the graph which shows the indications for the use of drugs, they are not so much, if you look, and all because in the "contra", which is slightly lower lists a variety of things that are sometimes incomprehensible to the mind and many times more!

Let me ask you a question! It is necessary to take antibiotics and pills after he realized what kind of side effects can be? Every intelligent person knows that the pill for a long time, we can only harm the body.

impact of our equipment is completely different from medicinal drugs, and if the impact our equipment to any authority if he is not sick and is working properly, it will not be a negative effect, but in the case where the body sick, it will be visible only positive effect, what about parasites - there similar situation, if there is a parasite in the body, it destroys the device, if it is not, then the device has no effect on the human body.

With Deta devices can be treated as an individual and as a family!

Contact us if you have any questions.

Remember! Disease prevention is always cheaper to manage than cure! We wish you always be healthy!

Portable devices Deta-AP


scientists, professors, and doctors have long been proven that the cause of 95% of the diseases today are harmful microbes, namely the fungi, viruses, helminths, bacteria and protozoa.

Portable devices Deta-AP to help cope with all kinds of harmful microorganisms. Deta-AP kills:

Think! after serious diseases such as influenza, after which there are complications Adenoma of the prostate, stomach ulcers (caused by dangerous bacteria such as Helicobacter) Any kind of helminth infections in children and adults, tuberculosis, and other diseases can be cured or successfully profilaktirovali with priborv Deta-AP.

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Portable devices Deta-Ritm


scientifically proven that after parasites enter the body, because of their activities is a violation of human organs and systems. To be more precise, the disease - a violation of the frequency at which the body works.

portable device Deta-Ritm helps the body to tune in to the right job and recover.

Operation is based on the method of bio-resonance. The device DETA-RITM emits strictly physiological range of frequencies from 0.1 Hz to 100 Hz. - Just in this range operate the healthy organs of our body.

devices Deta-Ritm successfully cope with diseases of the respiratory and digestive disorders in the blood and circulatory system, diseases of the skin and urogenital, endocrine and immune systems, infections and allergies, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and metabolism, psycho- problems and diseases of the nervous system and other diseases! Learn more about how to handle the device with your disease, you can contact us and consultation!

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Oleg Kurchenko

Kurchenko Oleg

With devices Deta met recently received a recommendation from a person close to me, with their help it was possible to effectively and quickly remove a stomach ulcer and gastritis. Problems plagued me since the age of 12. Due to the use Deta-AP and Deta-Ritm, pleased that devices can use anyone, because they are easy to program.

Elena Trayno

Elena Traina

Met with equipment 4 years ago. The first and most striking result, which helped to believe in the operation of the equipment - is result of my child, who had asthma, after inspection, we found out the reason - it was the worms in the lungs (roundworm). After a few sessions treatment device Deta-AP problem went away completely.

Nayda Anatoliy

Anatoly Naida

The equipment met a year ago, purely by accident, made for one of the partners of the company's own website, And in the process I became interested because I had a rash on the face, I have learned will help me to the instrument, was diagnosed, and got rid of the bacteria called "Helicobacter" and really improved the condition of the skin.